Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mrs. Grindlegrowl’s New Rule

Mrs. Grindlegrowl was not happy. Spring fever had set in and the children were not listening. How could they learn about fractions when they were being so silly? Mrs. Grindlegrowl thought & thought & decided that she needed a new rule.

"If you talk out of turn, you will get DETENTION," she said as she eyed little Grindlewylde. Mischievous as ever, he winked at her. When she wasn’t looking, he nudged Lorelei Bite-n-Bile with his tail. Lorelei kicked him with her foot and he yelped in pain. Mrs. Grindlegrowl glared in their direction but, for some reason, neither of them got detention.

Grindlewylde liked Lorelei, although he said he didn’t. He liked her a lot, in fact. After lunch, he gave Lorelei a paper frog and he smiled shyly. She blinked at him a couple of times, then he watched as she ATE HIS FROG!!!

Little Grindlewylde was very, very upset that she had eaten the frog, even if it was paper. He missed a lot of math to make the perfect frog for her, and he LIKED math. He was even more upset when he got detention and Lorelei DIDN’T.

Grindlewylde called his mom to let her know that he’d be late that night. He huffed and puffed. He stomped and he sulked.

His mother listened very patiently. When he calmed down a little, she told him that she loved him, and she understood that he was upset, but that he could not yell in math class because that was the RULE.

Little Grindlewylde sulked off to detention, hmpf’ing with every step.

Copyright 3/14/2009

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