Monday, March 9, 2009

Grindlewylde and the Cookie Budget

Little Grindlewylde had a problem: he was addicted to cookies!!!

In the morning, his mother would drive him to school. She would try to kiss him and he would jump out of the car. He would run into the school and, if Mrs. Grindlegrowl wasn’t watching, he would run down the hall. He would run and run and run until he got to the cafeteria, then he would walk.

He would walk QUICKLY past the peanut butter cookies, because everybody knows that peanut butter cookies are evil. He would slow down a little as he walked past the sugar cookies, but ONLY if they were frosted. Because just beyond the sugar cookies, under the extra sparkly lights, were the TRIPLE chocolate chunk cookies!!

One kind of chocolate would make his feet wiggle. Two kinds of chocolate would make him do a happy dance. But THREE kinds of chocolate? Well, that was enough for him to get his goof on.

Mrs. Grindlegrowl did not like it when he got his goof on. Neither did his mother. In fact, when Grindlewyse discovered that he was eating THREE cookies for breakfast and THREE cookies for lunch, she was all sorts of not happy.

She told little Grindlewydle that he could have ONE cookie a day, and that any extra cookies would come out of his allowance. Little Grindlewylde scowled. One cookie a day would be horrible.

And it WAS…until…(shhhhh!!)…the day he discovered ice cream COOKIE sandwiches!!!

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