Monday, December 8, 2008

Grindlewylde’s Frogs

Grindlewylde was a happy go-lucky child. He loved origami, which is a strange skill for a dragon, but he didn’t care what his classmates thought. He could fold a frog in 9 seconds flat. His desk was covered in them and sometimes he would sell them to the other kids.

Mrs. Grindlegrowl was an old-fashioned teacher. She was a dragon that was raised on proper etiquette. She valued gold and gems, but not paper frogs. She took the paper frogs from Grindlewylde, which made him very angry.

Grindlewylde knocked his chair over with his tail and he sulked in the corner, glaring at her. When he thought she wasn’t looking, he tore pages out of her books to make more frogs.

But Mrs. Grindlegrowl knows everything. She marched little Grindlewylde to the Principal’s Office, and made him call his mom. Then she took away his recess for a whole week, which made him even madder.

Little Grindlewylde was angry at the whole world and he kept getting more & more punishments. He got punished at school and he got punished at home. He got so many punishments, that he finally broke down in tears.

All the punishments were so big. They felt heavy and he couldn’t understand how he had gotten them so quickly. He was sad about the punishments.

But he did not learn his lesson about folding paper frogs, no he did not.

Copyright 8/15/2008

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