Saturday, November 1, 2008

Booger Small

There was a little girl
who had a booger small.
She didn't know what to do with it,
so she stuck it on the wall.

One friend joined another
in that gob of greenish goo.
It seemed her only hobby
and every day it grew.

She painted herself a picture
of eyes, ears and nose.
Then she got creative
and gave him nine new toes.

In the morning she would greet him,
with a pucker and a kiss.
His face was nearly two palms wide.
It was very hard to miss.

Then one day he left her
and didn't say goodbye.
Her heart was nearly broke in two,
she couldn't help but cry.

Later she got a postcard,
in time for Sweet Sixteen.
"Love forever, Boogie."
It was signed in tell-tale green.

Copyright 6/8/1994

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