Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Legend of Grindlemyre

Grindlewyse loved her son Grindlemyre. He was handsome, funny, and very, very intelligent. But he was also rude and unkind. Grindlewyse tried to teach him the ways of loving dragons, but as he became a teenager, Grindlemyre refused to listen. He became mean and spiteful, and did very hurtful things to his mother and to his siblings.

Grindlebane was an evil red dragon who delighted in stomping on things when he was mad at people. He was the brother of Grindlewyse. And it made Grindlewyse sad to see her son becoming more & more like his uncle every day. She tried extra hard to teach her son how to be a loving dragon. But, as always, Grindlemyre refused to listen.

One day, Grindlemyre didn’t get his way, so he went on a stomping spree, just like his uncle. He killed many, many flowers in Wentzville. He even had the nerve to kill the witch’s hydrangea bush not once, but twice.

The witch was very angry and when she found Grindlemyre, she attacked him with her sharp tongue and her little shovel. She fed his body to her hungry children, calling it chicken. And she enchanted his heart so that it became stone.

This stone she put in her garden, as a warning to all teenage dragons, that they are not as wise as they think. And that they are, in fact, quite tasty.

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