Saturday, September 13, 2008


When trees and bees and purpleness
Have flushed this world away.
And sanity has left the room,
Afraid of what to say.
I cry my tears of emptiness
And scream "It's all too soon!"
But it goes on and on
Around the moon
This craziness to be spent.
And I find myself wondering
Where have all the purple leaves went?
And so I laugh and sigh and bat my eyes
As the cow begins its song.
Wanting, needing, hoping,
That my pain will soon be gone.
For in my world of bitterthought
Crazy, at times, true,
Is told the story of who I am
As I try to talk to you.
For when nonsense words are truly heard
And laughed about with glee,
Between the text that makes no sense
Look there to find who's me.

copyright 9/10/2001

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